Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The future of Flash

On 25.07.2017 Adobe announced the future of the Flash, the engine that trabiCustomizer is based on (Adobe announcment: Flash & The Future of Interactive Content). To make long story short, due to the development of other great standards, Adobe decided to stop with the Flash development in the end of 2020.

For trabiCustomizer that means major work needs to be done to adapt it to new standards like HTML5, SVG, and JavaScript. Although it is possible, substantial amount of work needs to be done.

Already on 26.04.2020 I decided to start a GitHub repository for the trabiCustomizer project that would aim for transferring as much as possible from the old flash standard to new ones. This will initiate making the trabiCusrtomizer an open source project allowing everyone interested to contribute and keep it going. By doing this, I hope that new great app will be released and continue to develop with cutting edge new web standards and features. The initial the transfer still needs a lot of my work. However, as the entire trabiCustomizer project became a side project for me in last years and was rather existing in unchanged form than developing, I can't promise bright future. It is still 3 years to go but for a side project it is not actually so long.