Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The future of trabiCustomizer

In 2017, due to the Adobe announcment, I wrote a post, The future of Flash, which was actually a lot about the future of the trabiCustomizer.

Plans I had at that time didn't change but these are still only plans. Nothing really happen since that time to deliver new Flash-free trabiCustomizer.

Now, when Adobe pushes the notification in Flash updater about its End-of-Life and recommends to uninstall/remove it from user's device it is a good time to rethink trabiCustomizer future.

From my side it is obvious that if nothing happened so far, I will not be able to make major work on it until end of 2020. So what is the plan? I will keep website running, try to prepare a release of the current version of the trabiCustomizer as Windows executable application, and try to really make happen the plan I had 3 years ago to make trabiCustomizer an open-source project that anyone can contribute to.